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Chris Texeira
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Retired Married
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Debby Kennedy-Mack
Retired HR General Motors Married 6
Frank Wilson
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Pastor Married 2
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Linda Denise Johnson (Lawson)
Retired Educator Married 3
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Louis Hughley, Jr.
Retired Widowed 3
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Marian Beverly (Jones)
Retired 1
Enjoying my retirement immensely following career work ethics in the business marketing field, real estate, and sub-taught / tutored students strived to give back to our community. God blessed me with an only child a son, Marques Jones, currently one of the pastors at Crossway Church.  His entire life an awesomely humble, generous, gifted and talented individual.  Prior to his associate pastor's position, led the praise & worship group.  Married his childhood love, Karin Heiss.  December 2019 will be celebrating nineteen years wedding bliss.  Both wonderfully blessed me with three adorable fun-loving spirited grandchildren!  Lauryn Marie, thirteen; Maya Beverly, eleven; and Kayden Charles, seven. I am affectionately given called "grandma angel' named by Lauryn, my 1st-born grandchild. I believe as an infant, baby Lauryn, heard my lullabies transferred them creating my warm-hearted sweet name. Thank you Lord all mighty! 

I am a naive of Louisiana.  Growing up family life exceedingly great and abundant outpouring love from both parents, Charles Earl Beverly and Sarah Irene Tillman Beverly!  Lived next door to paternal grandparents and visited sleepover with maternal grandma and both parents' siblings.  Lots of fun activities fishing, picnic-boating, backyard games, train rides, vacations, sports, etc.  

Last year, May 2018, had my 50th class reunion, Park Avenue High School, Franklin, LA.  Great & life changing!  Following did my DNA, 80% Africa continent, rank order: Cameroon, Congo, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Iberian Peninsula, and Senegal. Remaining 20% paternal family, specifically my great-grandfather whom granddad, Joseph George Beverly, never spoke of are from as follows: Scandinavia, Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland and Wale. 

Have a wonderful fellowship-church family, Parklawn Assembly of God, Bishop Walter Harvey lead pastor.  His mother, Mother Johnnie Harvey, mentored trained me thru steadfastness studying scripture, God's Word, being in a servitude posture as well as obedient Godly daughter, an ever evolving process. 

I regularly swim, do aqua workouts, and sunrise walks.  Due to an injury put on pause yoga; In addition, I am a life-long organic natural foodie.
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Marilynn Southall (Reese)
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Retired Teacher Administrator for Cincinnati Free Movies Married 1
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Obie Houston, Sr.
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