Dear Class of 1974:
We are overwhelmed with joy and anticipation in seeing each of you again at our 45th Class Reunion Celebration Friday, October 11, 2019.   We realize how truly blessed we are to have God’s gift of life and His grace; as He has chosen to allow us to fellowship once more.
We have a rich memorable “Tradition” of Breezeway parties, eating whole Cornish hens on Sundays, bartering with the Pie Man on Sunday nights, movies on Wilberforce Campus, sitting out on Mitchell Hall hill listening to Caribbean drum beats, Wilbur’s green bus, seeing Stokely Carmichael, Angela Davis, Jessie Jackson, The Black Panthers, live and in living color on OUR campus.  We were the graduating class that survived the April ’74 tornado!
Since 1974, we have scattered to many corners of the United States and abroad.  It is for this reason that we are asking you to come back and celebrate our legacy in the tradition of years gone by yet, appreciating all that Central State University has given us.  Remember the song, “I love the Marauders, deep down in my soul..oh..oh..oh deep, deep….deep, deep, deep down in my soul!
Some of us have attended several homecomings after graduating in 1974.  And yet, there are others who we haven’t seen since we graduated; that’s forty-five years ago!   Therefore, on behalf of the Class of ’74 Steering Committee, we urge you to step out on faith, no matter how you feel, get up, dress up, and show up!  The best is yet to come!  Join us as we commemorate our past, present, and celebrate the future, beginning Friday, October 11, 2019. 
Our reunion theme is “There’s No Place Like Home!”   Central State University is where our university family lives, please come back home….each and everyone of YOU!
With Sincere Gratitude & Pride,
“Change Is Central”
Christine J. Townsell                                              Victor Davis
           Chair                                                       Class of 1974 President