To: Class of 1974

Subject: 1974 Class Giift for Central State University 

Dear Classmate:

I am writing this letter on behalf of the Class of 1974 to inform you about the fundraising campaign that that been organized, " BE A BELIEVER." It's our 45th Reunion year and I am asking you to join the Class of 1974 in giving back to our alma mater, Central State University.  Our goal is $25,000, the money from this fundraising campaign will help the University fund scholarships to deserving students, attract and retain top faculty, build world-class facilities, and enable cutting edge educational research to flourish. The growth of the CSU foundation will mean a better future for Central State University. 

Central State University played a significant part in who we are today and its only befitting to give back to the University that enriched our lives so much. It's alumni like yourself that has helped make Central State University what it is today.  The Class of 1974 requests that you be as generous as you can be.  We encourage you to give a minimum donation of $1,000, but of course, we will appreciate donations in any amount. Collectively we hope to make a significant impact in helping fund University priorities.

Join the Class of 1974 team and help us meet our goal of $25,000. Please give what you can, I am confident that you will see your act of generosity pay off. In addition, please share our online donation site with others. 

Be A Believer - Join Our Team Today!

Sharon "Shay" Edley Ponquinette, Team Captain '74

DONATE ONLINE:   https://csubelievers.donordrive.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.search&searchToken=52B0F1D2941AC2C7C00D276693711797FB4CA1B8&filter=team&eventID=500&searchTerm=1974

MAIL A CHECK:   Use Class Donation Form in the Menu.